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Medical Massage is a type of massage therapy directed at improving a variety of conditions such as chronic pain or stress. To experience medical massage for yourself, ask your family physician, Dr. Moghis, about it at Medical Arts Associates in Bellevue, WA.

Medical Massage Q & A

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What is medical massage?

Unlike therapeutic massages available at spas around the country, medical massage is an outcome-focused medical treatment prescribed by your doctor. Medical massage consists of a variety of techniques that address a given body part, region, or medical condition. Although medical massage may produce a side benefit of relaxation and stress management, the primary goal is to incorporate it within the existing framework of a patient’s treatment plan.

What conditions are treated with medical massage?

Medical massage can be implemented for a wide array of health conditions. The type of techniques your specialist uses will depend on your specific needs. In general, medical massage has been proven to help deactivate myofascial pain trigger points, release tight and sore muscles associated with ischemia, relieve nerve compression or entrapment, aid in digestion, reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, improve posture and coordination, and enhance flexibility and range of motion.

Kristen also offers pregnancy massages, which improve back pain associated with joint laxity during pregnancy. She also offers post-natal massage to help the body recover from the pregnancy changes quicker, improving abdominal muscle tone.

Medical massage is a part of a complete treatment plan recognized by your doctor. With some patients who have certain conditions, massage may be contraindicated. Therefore, you should only start a regimen with the approval of your family physician.

What can I expect during a medical massage?

Before your women’s medical massage session, Kristen Fawad, Licensed Massage Therapist will sit with you to discuss your symptoms, your medical history, and any particular areas of concern. This allows your provider to evaluate your symptoms and functioning to decide how medical massage can be most beneficial to you.

During your massage, you will be asked to lie down on a table and cover yourself with a sheet or drape. Then, the therapist will complete a number of techniques, including kneading, stretching, compression, and direct pressure to address your needs.

If you think medical massage may be a helpful part of your healthcare treatment plan, ask Dr. Moghis or Kristen Fawad,LMT about this procedure to learn more.

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