Countdown to Summer: Lose Inches and Get Toned!

Spring is here, which means we are all counting down to warm weather, family vacations, and of course, beach season!

With just 12 weeks left until summer, its time to get ready for swim trunks, bikinis, and summer dresses.

Using advanced technology, our expert team is ready to help you:

Our patients deserve nothing but the best, so we offer the top body sculpting treatment out there!

Our painless, non-invasive laser procedure provides a long-lasting, effective means of body contouring for people of all ages, and has no downtime!

TruSculpt 3D uses laser technology in as little as 15 minutes to destroy fat, tighten skin, encourage collagen production, and even remove cellulite!

A single TruSculpt 3D treatment can destroy 24%-34% of unwanted fat in a targeted area, and is FDA approved to help you get rid of cellulite!

If you are ready to lose those last few inches, flatten your tummy, slim down your thighs, expose that jawline, and tone your arms, TruSculpt is the treatment for you. With 100% of all treatment recipients seeing results from this painless procedure, you have nothing to lose! 

Your best body is waiting for you-call us to schedule a free consultation today!

Practice Manager

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