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At Medical Arts Associates, we love when our patients live healthy lives. We know the incredible benefits that a nutritious diet and regular exercise can have. Some of those benefits are physical, like a strong heart and robust immune system, but others are psychological -- healthy people tend to be happier, more energetic and more confident. Sometimes, though, our bodies don’t look as healthy as we feel. It is often frustrating when you work hard to lose weight or stay fit, but you struggle to lose that last bit of fat on your belly or buttocks. This frustration can take away from the happiness and confidence you deserve when you treat your body with so much care. The Medical Arts Associates team wants you to feel good about yourself and your health, which is why we have partnered with aesthetics technology company Cutera to offer you truSculpt 3D.

Body Sculpting Q & A



What is truSculpt 3D? 

TruSculpt 3D is part of a group of aesthetic medicine treatments known as body contouring or body sculpting procedures. These procedures are designed to remove unwanted body fat or sagging skin to help you achieve a flatter tummy, more shapely curves or an overall more toned physique. Some body contouring procedures are surgical, like tummy tucks or liposuction, which can be very effective for the right patient but which also come with certain risks and require some recovery time. TruSculpt 3D is part of a group of procedures that are not surgical, called non-invasive body contouring. The truSculpt 3D tool is entirely external and uses a special technology to reduce your areas of stubborn, unwanted fat. This technique makes the truSculpt 3D process painless and quick -- treatments last less than an hour, do not require anesthesia and do not require any rest or recovery time. 

How does truSculpt 3D work? 

The truSculpt 3D tool emits radiofrequency waves, a type of electromagnetic energy. These radiofrequency waves heat up the fat cells below your skin, causing them to tighten and shrink. The overall reduction in the size of your fat cells means that your areas of unwanted fat change from unsightly bulges to sculpted curves or contoured muscles. The truSculpt 3D tool is specifically designed to be safe for your skin -- the radiofrequency energy bypasses your skin to target only your deeper layers of fat cells. Most patients experience slight warmth during treatment, but do not otherwise report pain or discomfort. 

Since the treatment works with your body’s natural responses to reduce the size of unwanted fat, the results are not immediate. Your fat cells will respond to the treatment by shrinking as your body processes the high level of heat applied by the truSculpt 3D tool. You will slowly start to see results over the course of about three months, with most noticeable improvements beginning around three weeks post-treatment. Some patients choose to have multiple truSculpt 3D treatments for larger areas of fat, but the latest truSculpt 3D tool is typically powerful enough for you to see excellent results after just one session. 

Is truSculpt 3D right for me? 

The ideal candidate for truSculpt 3D is someone who has come very close to their ideal body or target weight through diet and exercise, but is struggling to shed the last bit of fat in areas like the belly, hips, thighs, buttocks or upper arms. There are many reasons why your body might not let go of these deposits of fat, including age, genetics, and hormones. For example, some truSculpt 3D patients are women who have recently had children and are having difficulty with extra pregnancy weight, or men whose bodies have begun to store fat differently as they age. TruSculpt 3D may not be right for you if your body contouring concerns are due to very loose skin or if you have very large deposits of fat. The best way to find out if truSculpt 3D is right for you is to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Sobia Moghis, the lead physician at Medical Arts Associates. Dr. Moghis can evaluate your body and your concerns and help you decide whether truSculpt 3D will deliver the results you want. 

To learn more about truSculpt 3D at our Bellevue, Washington office, call Medical Arts Associates today at 425-368-5767. Our helpful staff is available to answer questions and book your next appointment.