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At Medical Arts Associates, Dr. Sobia Moghis and her team of skilled professionals offer Botox services to patients in the Bellevue, Washington, community. Botox can help patients have smoother and more youthful looking skin.

Botox Q & A

How Does Botox® Work?

Botox® injections use a serum derived from a natural neurotoxin known as Botullinum toxin A. Once the serum is injected into the tissues, the messages to and from the muscle to the brain are blocked so it can no longer contract. With the muscle completely relaxed, the skin that covers it becomes softer, erasing worry and frown lines. Botox® has no effect on lines and deep wrinkles that have been caused by aging or excessive exposure to the sun. This type of injectable works best when used on the forehead and around the eyes. By softening the muscles and smoothing the skin, it gives the face a more natural and younger looking appearance. 

How Long Does a Botox® Treatment Last?

Botox® injections last approximately three to four months. The more injections a person receives, the longer the results will last. One of the initial effects of a Botox® treatment is swelling and inflammation. This may take two or three days to completely subside, but once it is gone the tone of the skin will be firm and more youthful looking. The results the patient sees over the first few weeks will remain until the effects of the serum begin to wear off. When this occurs, the lines and mild wrinkles will begin to reappear. In order to prevent this, receiving another injection will allow the muscles to remain relaxed and the skin naturally toned. 

What Type of Results can be Expected From a Botox® Treatment?

Immediately after a Botox® injection, the area will become inflamed and appear swollen. Over the next few days, the inflammation will begin to dissipate leaving smoother, younger looking skin. The fine lines and wrinkles will begin to gradually lessen and eventually disappear altogether. Even though Botox® is not an effective treatment for sun damaged skin on the cheeks, it is extremely effective for eliminating the crow's feet that appear around the eyes and the frown lines that often appear on the forehead as a person ages. By relaxing the muscles, the soft tissues are allowed to smooth out, releasing the wrinkles that are beginning to form.

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