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Dr. Sobia Moghis and our Family Medicine staff at Medical Arts Associates are thrilled to provide top-notch primary care services with competence and compassion. Visit our Bellevue, Washington, practice to receive timely and efficient attention for your medical needs.

Family Medicine Q & A

What is Family Medicine?

Family medicine is a specialty branch of medicine that integrates treating the whole patient. Family Medicine doctors, or family physicians, are responsible for developing an ongoing relationship with each patient to address various aspects of healthcare.

While other medical specialties are specifically dedicated to diagnosing and treating a particular disease or organ, family medicine treats patients from all walks of life, across both genders, and of all ages. Your family physician is generally a constant in your life, providing healthcare for both acute and chronic illnesses and injuries. The family physician also acts as patient advocate, helping you navigate the complex American healthcare system and referring you to outside specialists as needed.

What are the benefits of Family Medicine?

When choosing your primary care physician, keep in mind that a Family Medicine doctor like Sobia Moghis, MD, possesses many unique advantages. Not only is she skilled in helping patients prevent, detect, and treat various health conditions, but she also incorporates treatment into the whole family.

When focusing on providing compassionate healthcare, your family physician will consider all aspects of your lifestyle and health to provide competent care. Because your family physician treats everyone—grandparents, parents, and children—she is able to integrate preventative care into the individualized treatment plans for all patients, to lower risk of genetic conditions.

How often should I visit my Family Medicine doctor?

As a rule of thumb, most patients visit the family physician at least once a year for an annual physical. This visit involves getting blood work and urine samples to detect disease, completing a physical exam, being screened for various conditions, managing any existing conditions, and fostering a strong patient-doctor relationship.

Still, you can visit your Family Medicine doctor for virtually any health problem you have. Whether acute or chronic, you can schedule an appointment to see Dr. Sobia Moghis at Medical Arts Associates for minor and serious conditions any time. We even offer same-day appointments for your convenience. Call to schedule now.

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