Your mood and sleep quality are uniquely intertwined. Like the chicken-or-the-egg phenomenon, it is sometimes hard to determine which caused which. Not getting enough sleep or not enjoying good quality rest can both be instrumental in your mood from day to day. Plus, being in a bad mood can affect your ability to rest and keep you up all night tossing and turning. Patients who lead stressful lives or are constantly under excessive pressure may be in a poor mood and suffer from sleep deprivation.

Two of the most common mood issues are anxiety and depression. These are separate and distinctive disorders. However, they may share similar symptoms and even affect you at the same time. Anxiety involves factors that include excessive worry, nervousness, trouble concentrating, and irritability. Many of these symptoms may also occur in depression, which is characterized by feelings of hopelessness about the future, sadness, being unmotivated, and having little desire to participate in your life. If you suspect that you or someone in your family is experiencing anxiety or depression, call your family physician today.

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