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Are you struggling to sustain your weight loss, or unable to even get started? Dr. Sobia Moghis of Bellevue, Washington, has the experience to help you achieve weight loss more safely and quickly than if you did it on your own. Call Medical Arts Associates to learn more.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why is it so hard to achieve weight loss?

While the concept behind weight loss appears to be simple—burn off more calories than you consume—it’s not as easy as it seems. Despite the billions of dollars spent in the weight loss industry each year and the steady promotion of magical pills and fad diets, many people struggle with weight loss.

There are many reasons this happens, all of which affect your results. Your mindset, the strategies you follow, the food you eat, the exercises you do, and the people you spend time with all impact the success of your weight loss. However, if you do not start with a plan especially designed for your body shape and size, your lifestyle, and with your medical and family history in mind, you are less likely to meet your goal.

What is medically supervised weight loss?

Medically supervised weight loss is a physician-assisted way to achieve your weight loss goals. Because your family physicians already know which conditions tend to run in your family, the medications you are currently taking, and the type of lifestyle you lead, she can develop a weight loss plan that will address all these variables.

How can Medical Arts Associates help with my weight loss?

Dr. Sobia Moghis at Medical Arts Associates will conduct a physical and psychological evaluation, obtain your weight history, and examine other factors impacting your weight, such as possible undetected chronic conditions. Once she has a clear picture of your health status, she will work with you to create a program suited to your unique nutritional, activity, and behavioral needs.

What’s more, medically supervised weight loss programs do not consist of just one visit with your doctor. You will regularly meet with your doctor throughout your journey to complete testing for major health indicators, measure your body mass index, and undergo counseling to address mental barriers to your success.

Call Medical Arts Associates today to schedule your appointment for medically supervised weight loss.

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