Dhruva Gulur

in Bellevue, WA

Dhruva Gulur, MD

Dhruva Gulur, M.D. is an engaging communicator and a leading expert in Patient Experience and Physician Burnout. He affectionately goes by dhruvaMD, two syllables less than his name:-). His mission is to equip healthcare providers and patients with mindful and empathic techniques that lead to high-level Patient Experiences and avoid Healthcare Provider Burnout. He is the patient cheerleader who kicks it with empathy.  

Dhruva is a board-certified family doctor and has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. He is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR) course-certified mindfulness expert, a certified life coach, and a rapper. He is an award-winning preferred provider with high patient experience ratings of the 300 patient reviews he has online. He has seen over 110,000 patients in his career and counting! Dhruva is the author of the free e-book—The Dumb Doctor and the upcoming book to be released on 4.21.24—Emotional Freedom. He is a rapper with a forthcoming album—Emotional Freedom - Patient Experiences, to be released on 2.2.24. 

Dhruva has seen patients worldwide, including multiple mission trips to Haiti and underserved work in India. He is the founder of Mind Hygiene™ Eutopia where you reside in the Clouds of Emotional Freedom™.  

Dhruva is passionate about Patient Experience and Physician Burnout Speaking and inspiring the healthcare world. He also cherishes his fiance, Havanese Yorkshire dog—Suvarana, Domestic Shorthair—Spoky, and Persian kitty—Ajay. Let’s not forget natural dopamine with weightlifting, trail running, and snowboarding