Meet Geoffrey Godfrey

Pain Management in Bellevue, WA

Geoffrey Godfrey, ARNP

Geoffrey Godfrey is a skilled board-certified Nurse Practitioner who is excited to accept new patients at Medical Arts Associates in Bellevue, WA. He has worked with individuals suffering from Substance Use Disorder, chronic pain, and associated stigmatized care for decades. He works daily to end the stigma attached to mental health and Substance Use Disorders, from modifying stigmatizing language to changing the way providers interact with their patients. Mr. Godfrey’s approach to bridging the gap of Chronic Pain and Substance Use Disorder diagnoses involves using a patient centered/patient controlled plan to incorporate his own creation of a 14 point Pain/SUD protocol that focuses on “Functional Pain Treatment”, rather than “Pain Management”.

Mr. Godfrey received his Nurse Practitioner education from University of Phoenix, and is a member of American Society of Addiction Medicine, as well as the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. He is bilingual in English and German. Mr. Godfrey is also a former Army medic and understands the complexities of trauma-driven illness.

Mr. Godfrey is passionate about helping his patients make changes to improve health; this includes giving them new vocabulary to describe their treatment and health goals.